About Us

Since its establishment in 1964, Acrecliffe has remained a family run business. During that time it has developed to offer a range of facilities to cater for all, from the weekly rider to the serious competitor.

We have worked in partnership with several local schools, colleges and universities and with film and television companies to train their actors to ride onscreen.

With stabling for 30 horses, we are able to offer a range from ponies and horses to suit all. Whether you are an occasional rider, disabled, a training student, side saddle or competitive rider we have an suitable horse for you.

Many of our horses compete on a regular basis at local and national events. Additionally, Acrecliffe is lucky enough to have a number of successful competition horses and the family can be seen regularly competing at county shows throughout the country. Recent highlights include the Horse of the Year Show, Royal International Horse Show and Side Saddle National Championships.

In 1999 we instigated a successful breeding program and the progeny can now be seen successfully competing in competitions around the country, including Bramham, Burghley and the Great Yorkshire.

Following the Covid pandemic Acrecliffe has remodelled to refocus our direction towards education and training, building on many years of experience in colleges thoughout the UK. In so doing we have changed the type of horses available concentrating on those approrpiate to examination requirements.