Meet our Horses


Hey! I am Blue and 14.2h high. I have already a lot of experience in teaching pupils. I mainly teach children of all levels, but also help in the adults lessons. My best friend is Tico and after a day of teaching we both like to go out in the field to relax and prepare for the next day.


Hello! My name is Guinness and I was born in 2002. I have no idea why I am called Guinness, because I usually do not drink a lot of beer. I am 13.00h high and have a passion for quick games against my friend Ruby, but help where I can like in the Pony Club lessons or in all regular children lessons.


Hello! My name is Ruby and was born in 2001. I am one of the smallest school ponies of Acrecliffe, but can be quite fast if I want to. I like doing Gymkhana games against my friend Guinness, but also do a lot of Lead Rein and Pony Club lessons. I've taught lots of children to ride before they move on to my bigger friends.


My name Secret and was born in 2003. I am with my friends Ruby, Patch and Harry one of the smallest school ponies. I like teaching young pupils and do a little bit of everything like dressage and show jumping.


My name is Tico and I am 13.hh high. I am one of the eldest school ponies, but still very fit and have a lot of experience in teaching young riding pupils. I love jumping even if my best friend Blue likes dressage.


My name is Harry, I am 12.00h high and was born in 2001. I teach children of all levels and like being groomed, preferable all day long. I am used in all children lessons from Lead Rein to Experienced.


My name is Leise and I am with 16.2h the biggest school horse of Acrecliffe. I was born in 1994 and before I came to Acrecliffe I worked as a riding school horse for the University for which Fiona was teaching. I am very gently and like dressage to the same extent than show jumping.


Hello! I am Sapphire and was born in 1995. I am the all-rounder of Acrecliffe, as I can do everything from dressage over show jumping to side saddle and teach pupils of all levels. I do everything with passion, and qualified for many Side Saddle Championships and competed on novice dressage level. I'm also a TV star! Did you see me on Emmerdale? It was strange pretending to be a boy though.


I am Mylie, an Irish Sport Horse and was born in 1993. I mainly teach adults and sometimes help in the Pony Club lessons. I prefer dressage but also have experience in show jumping.


My name is Molly and I am 13.2hh and I help to teach lots of people to ride. When I get time off I like to play in the fields with my best frined Poppy.


I'm Gonk and I like jumping! I'm 14.3hh and like it here iwth all my friends. I enjoy my lessons but I also enjoy eatching grass.


I'm Silver. I'm 14hh and I enjoy all the lessons, especailly jumping because I'm awesome at it! In the field when it's play time I like to play with Tico the best